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Dr Li Li Pang Lecturer, Institute of Policy Studies

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Dr Li Li Pang

Lecturer, Institute of Policy Studies


Dr. Pang is a lecturer at the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), an institute set up in UBD in 2013. She joined as a lecturer at the Department of Public Policy and Administration (PPA) at the now defunct Faculty of Business, Economics and Policy Studies (FBEPS) in 2005. She completed her PhD in 2012 and teaches Public Sector Management, Privatization and Public Private Partnership, Public Policy Analysis, Government, Business and Society modules.

Dr. Pang was one of the coordinators of the Executive Development Programme (EDP) for Middle Management Officers as well as the coordinator EDP for Senior Government Officials in 2015. She was IPS's Coordinator of Research and Graduate Studies from 2014-2015 and Deputy Director of IPS from 2015-July 2016.

Dr. Pang has a research interest in public sector reforms, specifically in the implementation of government policies and local governance. In line with IPS's niche programme which focus on Islamic Governance, Dr. Pang presented a paper at IPS's first symposium in November 2015 on 'Minority Participation in an Islamic Negara', which looked at the Chinese minority population who have lived in Brunei for generations and how their rights have been preserved in a Malay majority Islamic country.


Public Management
Public Policy
Minority Studies


Minority Participation in an Islamic Negara, Journal of Islamic Governance (2015)

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